Winter Scandi Christmas Tips

Winter Scandi Trends

If you want to go all winter Scandi, inside and outdoors, there are lots of decorative items available now to help. When we think of a Scandinavian Christmas (and I don’t mean the horror of the checkout queues at IKEA), we tend to think of lots of natural elements – unstained wood, burning fires, animal skins and a limited colour palette of snowy white and berry red. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Natural Wood and Winter Scandi

Choose decorative elements such as candle sticks and bowls in plain natural wood. Bunch these into groups of different sizes for interest. It’s worth remembering that key planting rule – since the same applies in any form of decoration – group items in odd numbers – threes or fives to create a harmonious scene. If you are a fan of winter Scandi, you probably do have beautiful wooden furniture and stripped floorboards. It all adds to the charm.

Woven Willow And Cane

Extend the use of natural materials to wreaths and other decorative items. These can be natural or perhaps white or red, or in some cases dark green. The winter Scandi tradition often uses the heart motif for woven wreaths, and rings, hearts and stars all look festive when strung with a few fairy lights or dressed with ribbon. This is a particularly successful way to marry up the indoors with your outside style if you have opted for rattan garden furniture.

Animal Skin For Winter Scandi

There have never been so many examples of fake fur around. You don’t need a real pony skin or sheepskin rug – you can create the same feel with glamorous fake fur throws and cushions. These look marvellous draped over metal outdoor furniture, as well as indoors.

Hunters Trophies

As with fake fur, there has never been a better time to invest in a fake fur animal head trophy. You can get everything from a polar or grizzly bear to a felted wool reindeer head complete with glowing nose. This touch of whimsy is a charming way to keep the whole scheme light-hearted. If you don’t want a stuffed animal on the wall, you can always invest in a pair of real deer antlers, or white resin ones, or even glamorous chrome versions.

A Glowing Fire Completes Winter Scandi

Whether you have a wood burner or an open hearth, stacks of logs nearby are both practical and add a rustic note to your decorating scheme. If you don’t have a real fire, why not invest in a Kensington fire pit for the patio? Not only does this add a charming, cosy element to your outdoor space, but it provides a focus and extends the life of your aluminium or rattan patio furniture into those months when a little bit of extra heat is required.

A Limited Colour Palette

Stick primarily to a Christmassy red and crisp white for your soft furnishings; for cushions, tablecloths, napkins, perhaps a table runner and ribbons for those little extra splashes of colour on wreaths etc. Red and white blankets and throws will add a cheery note, and soften the hunting lodge look too. Many Danes use their flag as a decorative element with little versions on buffet tables, at weddings and to dress the house at Christmas. So if you think of the Danish flag, you can’t go far wrong! Have a wonderful winter Scandi Christmas!


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