Woven Synthetic Rattan

Woven Synthetic Rattan

Woven synthetic rattan could have easily been lumped in with Plastic/PVC, however, because of its popularity as a patio furniture material, I thought it should get its own section. Woven synthetic rattan has a style that is unique too.

Woven synthetic rattan keeps most of the advantages of plastic furniture. The powder coated cast aluminium has resin woven around it which provides more comfort and stability to the furniture.

Resin coated woven strands are used to make the rattan. This gives the traditional appearance and feel with durability and PPV provides resistance to the elements.

Woven synthetic rattan is low maintenance, lightweight and relatively easy to clean.

I say relatively because small pieces of debris could get caught in the weave spaces and it sure happens occasionally on my set. A good hoovering with a brush attachment on a sunny day will do the cleaning job.

It is resistant to the elements, therefore you can leave it outside in the winter and it will not fade the following summer.

If the quality of the PVC is poor, it will simply slacken from the frame and split. Poor quality PVC will deteriorate quickly outdoors. Woven synthetic rattan from Outside Edge is of high quality HDPE and it does not go limp in the sun! HDPE is an abbreviation for high density polypropylene.

The price will usually determine the quality. Therefore, don’t buy it if you don’t know for sure that it is manufactured from high-grade HDPE.

Plastic Garden Furniture PVC

Plastic Garden Furniture PVC has improved by leaps and bounds recently. Those patio sets made from cheap white plastic are a thing of the past. Resin technology and production have made great improvements too and plastic garden furniture PVC doesn’t have to look like plastic anymore.

We all know the advantages of woven synthetic rattan like it won’t rust, it is lightweight and relatively cheap compared to other materials and it doesn’t require much maintenance. Just wipe it down with warm soapy water to get rid of dirt and debris.

Woven synthetic rattan really has taken over the patio furniture market in the UK. It constitutes 70% of the market, metal garden furniture takes about 20% of the sector and the remaining 10% is timber or textaline.

So at Outside Edge we cater for 90% of the garden furniture market!

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