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Yes. To clean our aluminium patio furniture all you have to do is use a hose down or apply soapy water and hose down.

Aluminium does not rust and the powder coating repels UV rays. You do not have to store metal outdoor tables and chairs in the winter as they can withstand all conditions. So you will not lose storage space in your garden shed or garage.

We recommend you buy a cover for your aluminium or rattan outdoor furniture because the suns UV rays will eventually breakdown any coating. The bleaching effect of UV rays is almost as strong in the winter, even with cloud cover! If you cover your outdoor furniture in the winter you will almost double the life of the UV resistant coating.

This answer applies to all high quality cast aluminium patio furniture or rattan garden sofa set that are available in the UK. Even good powder coating will eventually fade. If you leave your metal furniture outside all year round with no cover the coating will last approximately 7 to 8 years. If you cover the patio furniture in the winter months, the coating will last up to 15 years. No coating will last forever, even car powder coating eventually fades.

Also known as resin weave or woven wicker, rattan outdoor furniture is basically extruded polypropylene fibre, woven onto a metal frame. Polypropylene was extensively used in the 1980s in the garden furniture industry to manufacture stacking resin chairs and garden tables.

Virgin Aluminium – Outside edge only uses virgin aluminium frames to ensure the strongest welding. The extruded polypropylene is woven to the powder coated aluminium frame, unlike some manufacturers who use a less expensive steel frames that rust.

Grade A Polypropylene – we use only grade A polypropylene weave to ensure over 15 years of outside use. Tested to +40°c and -40°c. Our polypropylene is frost proof and will not rot.

Finished Feet – all the legs on our rattan garden furniture have a finishing aluminium cap which stops any unravelling and minimizes wear.

Glass Table Tops – except the 90cm Ø table, all resin weave garden tables have 8mm glass tops. The British Standard thickness for a tempered glass top above 100cm Ø is 8mm. This is of course for safety but also aesthetically the table looks so much more substantial.

You have to 3 choices:

  1. Paint the metal outdoor furniture with a high quality metal paint such as Hammerite. Metal paint will last about 5 years, if covered you should get 7 to 8 years.
  2. Powder coat – we can do this for you, powder coating will last up to 15 years. For example a 6 seater would cost approx £ 400 to powder coat in the UK at the moment.
  3. Give the garden furniture to your friends or relatives and buy another patio set from us!

Outside Edge garden furniture offers superior maintenance free aluminium and rattan outdoor furniture. We retail our metal and resin weave garden furniture products direct – straight from the factory to your door. Traditionally, a company like ours would supply the retail trade who would then supply you. By cutting out the middle man, we can keep the prices down with high quality, reasonably priced outdoor furniture.

Virgin Aluminium – we only use virgin aluminium because recycled aluminium contains impurities that can cause cracking and corrosion. However, the main problem with reclaimed aluminium is that it is very hard to weld.

Inconsistent reclaimed aluminium will melt at varying temperatures making it virtually impossible to choose which temperature to weld at, however the melting point of virgin aluminium is constant. Virgin aluminium patio furniture that is welded at a constant temperature will not fail.

Stainless Steel Fittings – our metal and resin wicker tables and sun loungers are delivered flat packed. It is vital that the assembly fittings are manufactured from stainless steel to avoid any possibility of corrosion. We only specify stainless steel grade 316, this category is regarded as the standard ‘marine grade stainless steel’.

Nylon Feet – all of our garden patio furniture have nylon feet. This is essential because otherwise:

  • unprotected metal legs would chip and the elements would then attack the bare aluminium
  • your patio floor would get scratched
  • rubber feet mark and wear quickly.
  1. Mold-making – The cavity that will form the casting remains when the pattern is removed. Most cast aluminium outdoor furniture manufacturers will use a cheap mdf pattern, Outdoor Edge uses a much more expensive resin pattern that achieves a cleaner and sharper surface finish.
  2. Clamping – Once the mold has been made, it must be prepared for the molten aluminium to be poured. The surface of the mold cavity is first lubricated to facilitate the removal of the casting. Then the mold halves are closed and securely clamped together.
  3. Pouring – The molten metal is maintained at a set temperature in a furnace. After the mold has been clamped, the molten metal can be ladled from its holding container in the furnace and poured into the mold. As opposed to a charcoal furnace, Outside Edge uses an electric furnace. Consequently, the temperature is constant – this avoids bubbling within the cast. Bubbling – think of Aero chocolate, this causes metal fatigue, shrinkage, cracks or incomplete sections.
  4. Cooling – The molten metal that is poured into the mold will begin to cool and solidify once it enters the cavity. When the entire cavity is filled and the molten metal solidifies, the final shape of the casting is formed.
  5. Removal – After the predetermined solidification time has passed, the sand mold can simply be broken, and the casting removed. At Outdoor Edge this step, sometimes called shakeout, is performed by a vibrating machine that shakes the sand and casting out of the flask.
  6. Trimming – During cooling, the material from the channels in the mold solidifies and is attached to the cast part. This excess material is trimmed from the casting via a trimming press.
  • every aluminium garden chair is measured and then welded in the factory, the metal chair is ready out of the box (apart from our bistro chairs)
  • all rattan chairs are delivered and ready to go
  • all of our patio tables require assembly but every aluminium and rattan garden table is assembled to check for bolt alignment and then repacked for shipment
  • the sun lounger has to be assembled by you, however every metal sun lounger is assembled to for check bolt alignment and then repacked for shipping.

Definitely, absolutely, without doubt – yes! For example, the typical price for a high quality 6 seater round rattan garden furniture set in a garden centre is £1300-1500. Our Price is £799!

Outside Edge patio furniture offers superior care-free metal and rattan outdoor furniture. We offer our metal and rattan garden furniture products direct – straight from the manufacturer to your door. Usually, a firm like ours would supply the retail outlets who would then supply you. By cutting out the middle man, we can offer our high quality patio furniture at reasonable prices.

Yes all of our garden dining sets can include cushions, parasol, parasol base and free delivery. Please follow the path in the patio sets product pages, where you will be able to include or exclude garden accessories.

We deliver the garden tables flat packed to keep the delivery cost to a minimum. We can assemble your outdoor table but there would be a charge from between £ 50 and £100 in the south east of England. We cannot assemble anywhere else in the country. Once the product is out of the box it takes about 20 minutes to put our metal and rattan tables together.

As we must keep our prices to a minimum we cannot remove any packaging.

All cast aluminium is guaranteed for 10 years, kensington deluxe rattan garden furniture is guaranteed for a period of 10 years and kensington club rattan patio furniture is guaranteed for 5 years from the date of full payment against any structural defect resulting from faulty materials or workmanship of the cast aluminium or tubular metal parts, this does not include normal wear and tear (any powder coating or paintwork is guaranteed for 1 year). All plastic, wooden or resin patio parts and furniture carry a 3 year manufacturers’ structural warranty. Please note that shaking (small cracks) in wood outdoor furniture is normal and is not a structural fault. The colour of metal powder coating, plastic and wooden furniture is affected eventually by UV rays and is not covered by our guarantee. All other products e.g. parasols, bases, covers, bbqs, garden lighting, cushions are guaranteed for 1 year against any structural faults. This excludes colour change. All of our guarantees do not cover any of our garden products used in a contract environment (non-domestic), i.e. in hotels, bars, hostelries, inns, taverns, restaurants, holiday lets, rented accommodation, campsites etc..

After 28 days from purchase, it is the responsibility (this includes both cost and effort) of the customer to return, exchange and collect any goods to our Galleywood company premises in the event of a guarantee claim. In the event of any claim the customer must provide proof of purchase in the form of the original sales invoice or method of payment. We reserve the right to replace faulty furniture and any refunds will be at our discretion.

Our guarantees are only applicable to private individuals who purchased goods for domestic use. Where the goods are used other than for domestic purposes, including without limitation, communal use and/or commercial use, our guarantees will not apply. Our guarantees shall not apply to persons acquiring goods second hand or at auction.

Our structural guarantee does not include cover against moving parts (mechanisms, castors, drawers, upholstery) which can deteriorate with use. These parts are guaranteed for 1 year against failure during normal domestic use.


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