A great alternative to natural rattan is synthetic woven rattan which is much more durable and highly recommended for outdoor use. With synthetic rattan garden furniture, you need to make sure that it is covered properly if it is put outdoors for daily use. It is more resistant than natural rattan furniture but, it is always good to be cautious rather than feel sorry later.

How to keep rattan garden furniture protected during harsh weather conditions?

Modern rattan garden furniture can be left outdoors and kept well in any kind of weather conditions. However, if you want to keep the furniture fully covered and protected, you should cover it with PVC covers so that it can survive harsh weather conditions.

You need to keep the rattan garden furniture protected with all-weather covers, even if you choose to keep it indoors in a garage or under a shade so that it does not get exposed to dust and stays clean.

How to take care of rattan patio furniture during spring?

To be able to take care of your rattan outdoor furniture during spring and summer time, you need to make sure that the cushions are covered with a durable material. You also need to make sure that they stay dry throughout the season if it rains.

All rattan garden furniture needs to be washed thoroughly, every year. Just make sure that you remove any dust particles or stains on it and later, cover it with PVC covers for protection.

Why should you buy rattan garden chairs, tables and corner sets?

Rattan patio furniture should be bought for multiple reasons, including its versatility, style, elegance and all-purpose usage, especially in the garden. Think about having a great outdoor party in your garden, beautiful décor and stylish rattan garden furniture to enhance the overall outlook of the gathering. That is one party that you can enjoy and have a great time with your friends at.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy rattan garden furniture:

  • Flexible Material – Rattan is a flexible material that makes it one of the best weaving choices. It can easily be made into multiple shapes and sizes. This is another reason why rattan is the consumer’s first and foremost choice.
  • Durability – The best part about rattan furniture is the fact that it is both light weight and durable. Gone are the days when you would dread the thought of moving the place of furniture in the house because of it being too heavy to lift. Not with rattan though. The polypropylene used in its manufacturing gives it that natural lightness.
  • Weather Poof – You do not need to worry about rattan furniture getting damaged in extreme weather conditions, if you are planning to keep it outdoors, because it is quite low maintenance in this regard. Let the surprise rainstorm come whenever it wants because good quality rattan will resist it all.

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