Why Aluminium Garden Furniture ?

Why Aluminium Garden Furniture?

This is why aluminium garden furniture is the only choice! When you are looking to create the ideal garden and patio for your perfect oasis, you will also have to consider the best garden furniture for your space. And, of course, we recommend you buy aluminium patio furniture. If you are looking to enjoy and relax in your garden throughout the summer, your patio garden furniture has to look great as well as provide exceptional comfort.

Today you will find many different kinds of patio furniture constructed from a variety of materials which range from inexpensive plastic all the way up to teak. Other materials used to make patio furniture include wicker, cane, cast iron, wicker and our favourite cast aluminium.

Durability in patio furniture is the most desired feature along with its ability to resist the harsh elements. If your evaluation of patio furniture is based on these features, this is why aluminium garden furniture comes out on top of the patio furniture list. It doesn’t rust and even when it rains or snows, no cover is needed.

Why Aluminium Garden Furniture? Low Maintenance

If you are looking for garden furniture that requires little to no maintenance, then cast aluminium furniture is your best option. Virtually no repairs are required and it is very easy to maintain.

Cast iron patio furniture eventually corrodes unlike cast aluminium garden tables and chairs, that do not need as much maintenance as timber furniture.  Compared to timber and cast iron, cast aluminium is lightweight and is easy to manoeuvre around your garden.

When you consider the overriding features and advantages, cast aluminium garden furniture provides a much better value for money than other kinds of patio furniture.

Cast aluminium furniture provides beauty, great value for money and is relatively maintenance free. Simply clean it with warm soapy water and any scuff marks are simple to touch up.

We might be a bit biased, but when you look at the facts, cast aluminium patio furniture comes out on top for any outdoor furniture. Most people who are looking for patio furniture are already convinced that cast aluminium patio furniture is the best option.

Although aluminium does provide better corrosion resistance compared to other furniture material, it is important to choose cast aluminium garden furniture that is made from the highest quality alloys.

Why Aluminium Garden Furniture? – Alloy Content

The quality of the aluminium alloy will determine how long the furniture will last. You will find cheap aluminium garden furniture available that is made of very thin aluminium tubing.

If a little tender loving care isn’t used, even rust proof cast aluminium patio furniture could get pitted and corrode. But, it will stand up to corrosion much better than ferrous metals like cast iron. Even so, aluminium patio furniture will not last forever.

The best way to protect cast aluminium furniture and extend its life is to keep it clean and all you need to do is to occasionally wipe it down with warm soapy water. Even painted wrought iron can extend it’s life once it is cared for properly. With cast iron furniture, you have to immediately touch up any scratches with the appropriate paint to avoid rust.

Cast aluminium patio furniture is sturdy and robust and will stand up against abuse. To extend its life just keep it free of corrosive abrasions. Today’s aluminium patio furniture sets (like the ones at Outside Edge) are heavier compared to the older models which makes them last longer and they won’t get blown around in strong gusts but they are still light enough to move around the garden.

Why Aluminium Garden Furniture? – About Us

Are you looking for new garden furniture? Your old set was probably made of wood and you want to try something new. Is there a reason for this new trend?

In the 1990s wooden patio furniture was very popular and was made from teak, karri, yellow balau, red balau, iroko and pine. But their popularity declined somewhere along the line. Why?

Why Aluminium Garden Furniture? – Longevity and Maintenance

Wood that is young and unseasoned rots easily. Wood gathers grime and dirt. Wood that isn’t properly treated has to be oiled constantly and will still crack when exposed to the elements. Is any of this familiar?

Consumers wanted something new and they found the benefits of aluminium patio furniture & rattan garden furniture.

If you are looking for patio furniture that is stylish, comfortable, robust, lightweight and low maintenance Outside Edge will supply it for you!

Why Aluminium Garden Furniture? – Rust Proof

Outside Edge provides exceptional aluminium and rattan patio furniture that is virtually maintenance free. Our patio furniture is direct retail, from the manufacturer direct to you. In the past, stores like ours would sell to retailers, mark up the price and sell it to you. We have cut out the middleman and in doing so, we have kept our prices comparatively low while maintaining high-quality garden products.

We have an outstanding guarantee which is backed by credibility and experience.



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